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Profit-Driven Fees

You'll appreciate our unique fee structure. You'll only pay the trader when your account generates profits, aligning our success with yours.


Flexible Investment Allocation

You have the flexibility to allocate funds according to your preferences, without the necessity of a substantial initial investment. You can start with an amount that suits your financial goals and comfort level.


Explore Top-Performing Strategies

You have the opportunity to browse through our selection of top-performing strategies and thoroughly examine their track records, allowing you to make informed investment decisions based on historical performance.


Craft Your Portfolio

Experience the art of diversification. Tailor your Investment portfolio with precision by seamlessly combining multiple strategies. We empower you to create a diverse and resilient portfolio that maximizes your potential for success.

Invest with Expert Traders

Crypto Market Insights


Number of Countries with Cryptocurrency Users

Witness the surge in global crypto adoption with users spanning across 200+ countries. A staggering increase in the number of users reflects the widespread embrace of digital assets, paving the way for a borderless financial landscape.

200 %

Projected Cryptocurrency Market Growth

Embark on an investment journey with immense potential. The cryptocurrency market is projected to grow by a staggering 200%, promising exciting opportunities for savvy investors. Stay ahead of the curve and explore the future of digital assets.

90 %

Untapped Potential

Unlock the vast potential of the cryptocurrency market. Currently, only 10% of internet users own cryptocurrency. Join the majority who are yet to explore this financial frontier.

Introducing Profit-Sharing


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Whether you're new to trading or a seasoned pro, our platform offers a seamless way to grow your portfolio. Follow expert traders, diversify your investments, and watch your wealth flourish with ease.


Expert Traders

If you're a skilled trader seeking to elevate your career and amplify your earnings, provides the stage. Showcase your trading mastery, control your income, and grow your follower base. We're here to support you on your journey to succes.

How to start

It's as easy as 1-2-3. In just a few simple steps, you'll be on your way to a world of automated investing or expert trading opportunities.


Connect your Binance account by API.


Choose the trading strategy that best suits your goals and preferences.


Effortlessly monitor your profits from your dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions


How does ProfitBoostr benefit investors?

ProfitBoostr enhances your investment experience through automated copy trading. Follow expert traders effortlessly to optimize your portfolio.

Is ProfitBoostr suitable for beginners?

Yes, ProfitBoostr is designed for all levels of investors. Our user-friendly platform ensures a seamless experience, even for beginners.

What is copy trading, and how does it work?

Copy trading allows you to automatically replicate the strategies of expert traders. Your investments mirror their trades in real-time.

How does ProfitBoostr ensure the security of my account?

ProfitBoostr prioritizes the security of your account. We employ advanced security measures, including Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), to protect your login and transactions.

Can I follow multiple strategies?

Yes, you can dedicate a percentage or amount of your balance to a strategy and another percentage or amount to another strategy to diversify risk and profit potential.

How are my funds safeguarded on ProfitBoostr?

Your funds remain securely stored in your own exchange account. ProfitBoostr never holds or accesses your funds directly. We recommend to secure your exchange account by using a strong password and encourage the use of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to ensure the utmost protection for your funds.